Quiet Shuttle System

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This replaces the traditional buffer spring in the AR platform, and is designed to be quiet and tunable. Uses: further quieting of suppressed ARs, additional tuning of the gas/recoil system, and less erratic recoil from the buffer spring. (note: buffer tube/stock is for demonstration only)

This system comes fully equipped. The included (2) springs and (2) shuttle weights can be swapped to cover the gamut of different pressures seen in the AR platform, whether that’s a 5.56 carbine, or a 300blk suppressed SBR. This system is initially offered for carbine-length buffer tubes, but we will soon be releasing an add-on, affordable spacer to use this in rifle length buffer tubes.

Please note: The Quiet Shuttle System will not be retained by a typical buffer retaining pin, so the shuttle will eject upon removal of the upper. This is by design.

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